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Kinney Lane: A Newer, Healthier Approach to Prepared Foods


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How we work


Kinney Lane makes healthy meal planning easy. Place an order by Thursday afternoon to enjoy delicious, healthy, hassle-free prepared meals delivered right to your door the following week.  Choose from a variety of healthy choices with a weekly menu.

What We're About

Our food philosophy is pretty simple. We think healthy food should taste good and be easily attainable. We know that the food that is best for us isn’t usually fast or easy and we don’t always have the time to prepare the nutritious meals we need to fuel our busy lives.


At Kinney Lane, we realize there is a need for readily available and prepared wholesome foods. When life gets busy, making healthy choices isn’t always easy. Kinney Lane’s goal is to help busy families and professionals eat well by providing them with healthy choices that are already prepared - giving you more time for work and family.

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What Does Wellness Mean to Us? 

We believe wellness is eating well while loving what you eat and never feeling like you are depriving yourself. Kinney Lane spends lots of time into developing recipes that taste good, will leave you satisfied, and will fuel your body with the energy it needs to sustain your busy lifestyle. Our meal choices are carefully designed to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to keep your energy levels high.